New market`s has opened up for Matre Deck Integrated Firefighting System “DIFFS”

  • New agent in the US and Canada20.05.2016

    We are pleased to announce that Delta Marine Technik will serve as Matres exclusive agent in the USA and Canada.

  • Culzean project 22.04.2016

    Matre will be delivering a total of 10 Turbine Proportioners to Semco Maritime. The units are sized between 3” and 8” and produced in Super Duplex. Delivery is set for the middle of August and will be used in the Culzean project.

  • Visit from Knowsley and KBR06.04.2016

    In connection with factory acceptance testing of 4” and 8” inductors Matre had the pleasure of being visited by Mr. Nicholas Sorensen from Knowsley (right) and Mr. Harry Baxter from KBR.

  • Continuation of contract with Bergen Engines (Rolls Royce):15.03.2016

    Continuation of contract with Bergen Engines (Rolls Royce)

    Matre is pleased to announce that Bergen Engines, part of the Rolls Royce group, has signed a continuation contract with Matre for delivery of coolant pumps to their propulsion systems.

    The contract has a span of five years.


    Matre has been a proud supplier of Coolant pumps for the Rolls Royce engines since 2007.




    Bergen Engines supplies medium-speed Rolls-Royce engines for marine and power generation applications, and for the oil and gas industry. Marine engines are marketed through Rolls-Royce Marine; engines for the power and for the oil and gas industry via the Bergen Engines sales organization.



    Link to local newspaper (Bømlo Nytt):


  • Delivery for the Martin Linge Project:02.03.2016

    Delivery for the Martin Linge Project

    Matre is in the last production stage of the Deck Integrated Firefighting System and Dual Agent Cabinet to be used on Martin Linge Field.

    FAT was successfully executed and was attended by Inge Eide (Total), Vidar Vestbø (Knutsen) and Torbjørn Eidhammer (Marine Aluminium).



  • First test of SKID in new test facility:10.11.2015

    First test of SKID in new test facility

    Matre has now performed the first test of a skid connected to the new test facility. All systems performed according to our calculations.


  • New contract with FPE:24.09.2015

    New contract with FPE

    Matre has been awarded a contract to produce in total 55 Balanced Proportioners for our long-time partner Fire Protection Engineering (FPE).

    The order consists of proportioners sized from 4” to 10” in titanium material which will be incorporated in the fire protection systems provided by FPE.

    We are proud of being selected as a supplier for a project where the demands for quality and precision are of the highest importance.

    Worth noting is that this is the biggest single contract ever awarded to Matre.

    Expected delivery will be first quarter of 2016.


    The Johan Sverdrup oil field is situated in the North Sea, about 140 kilometres (87 mi) west of Stavanger, Norway.

    It is expected to hold 1.8–2.9 billion barrels (290–460 million cubic metres) of oil.

    Production start-up is expected in 2019. Peak production is estimated to be over 500,000 barrels per day (79,000 m3/d), which will make it by far the largest producing oil field in the North Sea by the time it reaches its peak. The oil produced at the field will be transported by pipelines to the Mongstad refinery where it will be shipped and refined.


  • CAP 437 NUI collaboration:11.08.2015

    CAP 437 NUI collaboration

    Matre Maskin AS is very pleased to announce that we have entered a collaboration with Sembmarine SLP, Proeon Systems and Orga to deliver a complete package for upgrading existing NUI platforms to meet new CAA – UK CAP 437 7th Edition requirements.


    The system consists of a stand-alone integrated package to enable offshore operators to comply with the CAA – UK CAP 437 requirements.


    Helideck fire fighting system ( DIFFS ) from Matre Maskin AS with Matre Pop-Up Nozzles, or with Matre’s newly developed Ring Main System

    (RMS) for easy installation on helideck up to D-value D=20.




  • NEW Dual Agent Unit:15.07.2015

    NEW Dual Agent Unit

    Matre has developed a new Dual Agent Unit which can deliver both powder or water/foam as a fire retardant.

    The obvious advantage with this combination is that it is possible to attack the fire by using two very effective means.



    The powder can be used on energized electrical equipment and will cover a large area. A powder blanket will cut off air supply and prevent any reignition.  The mixture of powder and nitrogen gas will also get into every open space for effective firefighting.

    The system incorporates 250 kg powder and will deliver 2-3 kilograms per second.


    The water/foam combination will blanket burning fuel and thereby smothering the fire. Cooling adjacent surroundings and suppressing release of flammable vapours is an additional advantage.

    The system incorporates 250 litres of foam and will deliver 200 litres per minute.



    The operator chooses which type of fire retardant is to be used by a single lever on the handheld dual agent pistol - thus reducing chances for operational errors.


    The unit is isolated and may be equipped with a heater for cold weather operations. It is designed with compact dimensions in mind for easy placement.


    The Dual Agent Unit can be built to NORSOK specifications.

  • Exhibitions June 2015:12.06.2015

    Exhibitions June 2015

    In June Matre has been participated at two exhibitions, Nor-Shipping, Oslo and Interschutz, Hannover. It has been busy days and good dialogue with our customers.






  • NUI:13.05.2015

    Automated firefighting system

  • Visit from Sembmarine:03.03.2015

    Visit from Sembmarine

    We have had the pleasure of having visit from Sembmarine SLP Ltd UK. The company was represented by Mr. Brett Hurrel who is the Offshore Manager.

    Sembmarine has shown interest in the Matre automated firefighting system for offshore helideck.

    Matre performed a full scale demonstration of the Ring Main Firefighting System.




    The demonstration was performed with water only for environmentally reasons.



  • Matre is expanding - Update.:03.03.2015

    Matre is expanding- Update.


    We have now just started to use our brand new production hall. As the old production area started to become rather cramped, this is a welcome addition for all of us at Matre. We also most certainly expect this to benefit all our customers in the future.



    The building progress is going according to plan and we expect to use the new facilities early 2015.



    Matre is expanding.


    Matre is in the process of building a new test station/ production hall.


    The test facility will be highly automated and the quality of the data will be at laboratory level.


    The current solution of a diesel engine powered pump will be replaced by electrical pumps thus saving the environment. The capacity of the system will be able to reach a flow of 40 000 litre.



    The 1150 m² building is expected to be finished late fall 2014.

  • Exhibitions 2015:16.01.2015

    Exhibitions 2015


    2015 will be another busy year for Matre. You will be able to meet us at several exhibitions, in June you can meet us at:



    Nor-Shipping in Oslo, Norway

    2-5. June 2015, Hall C, Stand no C04-09




    Interschutz in Hanover, Germany

    8-13. June 2015, Hall 13, Stand C01







  • Visit from Ichthys Project, Tyco Marine Services and DSME:18.11.2014

    Visit from Ichthys Project, Tyco Marine Services and DSME

    Mr. Ahn Chang Su, Sang-Hoon Seo and Laurent Talbot visited Matre in connection with testing of 10” and 12” balanced proportioners.



    The firefighting equipment will be used in connection with the Ichthys project.


    The Ichthys gas field is a natural gas field located in the Timor Sea. It was discovered in 2000 and developed by and Inpex. It began production in 2001 and produces natural gas and condensates. The total proven reserves of the Ichthys gas field are around 12.8 trillion cubic feet (366 km³), and production is slated to be around 350 million cubic feet/day (10×105m³)


    Ichthys gas field:





    Timor Sea





    Field history



    Start of production



    Current production of gas

    10×106 m3/d
    350×106 cu ft/d 3.65×109 m3/a (129×109 cu ft/a)

    Estimated oil in place

    70.7 million tonnes
    (~ 83.8×106 m3 or 527 MMbbl)

    Estimated gas in place

    366×109 m3
    12.8×1012 cu ft

  • Lp for livet (Run for life):03.10.2014

    Lp for livet (Run for life)

    Matre supports the fight against cancer.


    Løp for livet (Run for Life) is a campaign to raise funds for the Cancer Society which is organized by high school students on Bømlo. It has run continuous since its inception in 1989.


    The campaign includes local businesses, primary-, secondary- and high schools.


    In 2013 570 000,-NOK was raised (close to 70 000,-Euro).


    Matre is proud to be a contributor.



  • Ivar Aasen Field:03.10.2014

    Ivar Aasen Field

    Nine Matre Turbines delivered to the Ivar Aasen Field.


    The Field (formerly Draupne Field), is located in the northern part of the North Sea approximately 175 km from Karmøy. The development of the field comprises of three discoveries, namely Ivar Aasen, West Cable and Hanz, with the first two fields to be developed under phase one and Hanz field as part of phase two. 

  • Martin Linge Project:03.10.2014

    Martin Linge Project

    Matre is chosen as sub-contractor to the Martin Linge Project and will deliver 28 Balanced Proportioners of various sizes.


    Norway map, Martin Linge hild field





    The Consortium formed by TECHNIP FRANCE S.A.S, TECHNIP NORGE AS and SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd has been awarded by TOTAL E&P NORGE AS, a contract for the execution of the Martin Linge Field Development Project for fire-fighting equipment for Deluge Skids.


    MARTIN LINGE is a Norwegian off-shore project, developed by TOTAL E&P Norway acting as operator with Petoro and Statoil as partners. The location of the MARTIN LINGE field is in the North West part of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) of the North Sea approximately 170 km west of Bergen. The MARTIN LINGE field contains gas, condensate and oil discoveries and is comprised of several faulted segmented gas accumulations in the mid-Jurassic Brent Group and an oil accumulation in Eocene aged Frigg formation.

  • Mariner Topside :03.10.2014

    Mariner Topside

    Matre has delivered 13 Turbine - and 146 inductor proportioners to one of our most trusted customer through many years, Fire Protection Engineering (FPE).


    FPE has signed a framework agreement with Dawoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) for delivery of fire protection equipment to the Mariner Topside Project. This project is run by Statoil in the British sector of the North sea.

    The location of the project is 150 kilometres (80nm) east of the Shetland islands and is the biggest development in the British sector for over 10 years. The deal comprises fire protection systems for two Floating Storage Units (FSU) and one Jack up drilling rig.


    This contract serves as a testomony for FPE's and Matre's continuous pursuit for quality and service.



  • Worlds biggest:18.06.2014

    Worlds biggest

    Matre has produced 12‟ Balanced Proportioners for Tyco Marine Services Korea. These are among the worlds biggest in its category.


    The proportioners weigh in at 114 kg and have a flow capacity of 4500 – 45000 litres.


    They will be used in the Ichthys LNG project.

    Located in the Browse Basin offshore north-west Australia, the Ichthys Field first revealed its potential as a world-class gas project in 2000. Since then, resource estimates have grown to 12.8 trillion cubic feet of gas and 527 million barrels of high value condensate. The project is a Joint Venture between INPEX (Operator-66.07%), major partner TOTAL (30%) and the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas (1.575%), Osaka Gas (1.2%), Chubu Electric (0.735%) and Toho Gas (0.42%).


    In September 2008 Darwin (AU) was selected as the site for the onshore LNG processing facility. When complete the Ichthys Project will consist of a semi-submersible central processing facility (CPF), an inter connected floating, production, storage and offtake (FPSO) vessel, 885km of subsea pipeline and a two train onshore LNG facility on Darwin’s Middle Arm Peninsula. The project is now in the construction phase, following a Final Investment Decision in January 2012.



  • Matre Fi-Fi Autorelease System (MARS):25.04.2014

    Matre Automatic Release System (MARS)

    Matre has over a long period of time developed an automatic fire detection system for helicopter decks. This effort has now lead to the arrangement we call MARS (Matre Automatic Release System).  


    The system has been tested in real life operations mounted on the helicopter deck at Haukeland hospital in Bergen. Over 50 take offs- and landings has been performed with the MARS active.


    The system can be used as a fire alarm connected to an external monitoring arrangement or-/ and as a fire-fighting auto-release unit.


    The system consists of a control unit and four IR flame detectors and is working in sync with Matre Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS).

    The Spectrex 40/40UV Flame Detector detect hydrocarbon based fuels and gas fires, invisible hydrogen flames and fires from hydride, ammonia, saline and other organic fires. 

  • New contract with Marine Aluminium:03.04.2014

    New contract with Marine Aluminium

    MATRE signs new contract with Marine aluminium.

    Matre has signed a new contract for firefighting equipment to the vessel Edda TBN Accomodation and the Dong Energy Rig with the helideck manufacturer Marine Aluminium.



    Edda TBN Accommodation Service Vessel, designed by Salt Ship Design, is 155 meter long, has a total capacity of 800 persons. Equipped with a heave compensated telescopic gangway at a length of 45.5 meters, a cargo deck area of 2000 m2 and a 120t rig support Crane. Delivery is June 2015



    The contract was sealed with signatures by Gunn Håvarstein (Marine Aluminium) and Tommy Esperø on the second of April 2014.

    The equipment used will be Matre’s unique Deck Integrated Firefighting System (DIFFS).

    Expected delivery of the system is during June 2014.

  • Matre Systems for Normally Unattended Installations:24.01.2014

    Matre Systems for Normally Unattended Installations

    Normally Unattended Installations (NUI) can now be equipped with Matre’s Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) or Ring Main System (RMS).


    Today NUI present their own problems when helicopters have to land on installations with only rudimentary firefighting equipment. This is set to change as the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) now demands better safety for helicopter movements on NUI.


    CAP 437, Standard for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, states the following in chapter 5.3 appendix D that:

     “DIFFS on NUIs should be integrated with platform safety systems such that pop-up nozzles are activated automatically in the event of an impact of a helicopter on the helideck where a Post-Crash Fire (PCF) is a foreseeable outcome. The overall design of a DIFFS should incorporate a method of fire detection and be configured to avoid

    spurious activation. It should be capable of manual over-ride by the HLO and from the mother installation or from an onshore control room. Similar to a DIFFS provided for a Permanently Attended Installation (PAI) or vessel, a DIFFS provided on an NUI needs to consider the eventuality that one or more nozzles may be rendered ineffective by, for example, a crash. The basic performance assumptions stated in

    paragraphs 2.10 to 2.12 should also apply for a DIFFS located on an NUI.”


    Matre set-up for NUI:


    Matre can also deliver CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) in combination with DIFFS or RMS in accordance with CAP 437.


    For complete CAP 437 see: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP437.pdf


    Matre has designed its system to fully comply with CAP 437 or better. Our system is based on four detectors in order to ensure that the automated system manages to interpret the correct situation. This is of high importance as a false deployment generated by the helicopter or other factors can pose a hazard. A real emergency will also be detected at an earlier stage.


    Ring Main tests conducted at RESQ:

  • Gazelle Company for 2013:21.01.2014

    Gazelle Company for 2013

    Matre has been awarded the title «Gazelle Company for 2013».


    This title is given by one of Norway’s biggest newspaper specializing in business reporting, “Dagens Næringsliv” together with Dun & Bradstreet.


    The requirements for being named a Gazelle Company are divided into four parts:


    • Continuous operation for four or more years.
    • Revenue growth the last four years.
    • The revenue must have been doubled the last four years.
    • The company must show a positive result for all the last four years.

    We are thankful for this award which we share with our loyal customers.

  • Matre DIFFS approved by U.S. Coast Guard:03.01.2014

    Matre Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System DIFFS U.S. Coast Guard approved.

    Matre Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System DIFFS –

    U.S. Coast Guard approved.


    The innovative firefighting system developed and refined by Matre over several decades has now been approved by the U.S Coast Guard.

    We are very proud to have managed to meet the stringent demands set by one of the most quality minded organizations in the world.


    The DIFFS is specially developed to extinguish fires on helidecks. An activated DIFFS system will extinguish a major spill fire on the helideck within 15 seconds.


    Matre DIFFS system can be used both for offshore as well onshore applications.


    System description as well references to be sent upon request.

  • Breakthrough in Brazil:03.01.2014

    Breakthrough in Brazil

    Substantial contract signed for Matre Maskin AS in Brazil.

    The waters outside Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro is by many regarded as one of the most important areas when it comes to oil and gas exploration in the coming years. According to the state owned oil company Petrobras, the requirement for new oil rigs and special vessels will increase in the coming years.

    Matre Maskin AS has now secured one of the company’s biggest contracts through its 60 years existence. Matre was chosen to be the preferred supplier of foam proportioning equipment.

    Our equipment will be part of the main firefighting system on 12 new FPSO vessels which are going to be built in Brazil for Petrobras. The floating platforms will extract oil from the Santos- basin on the coast outside Rio De Janeiro.

    More information about the contract, please contact sales@matre.no

  • Matre turns 60 :03.01.2014

    Matre turns 60

    During 2013 Matre entered its 60’th year of continuous operation in Brubakken on Bømlo.
    Matre has grown significantly since its humble beginning back in 1953. Today the company employs 46 people and delivers firefighting equipment worldwide.
    Over the past 60 years, Matre has remained a supplier of quality products, evolving and adapting to the modern world. Matre was built upon innovation and this still drives the Matre business strategy and is an integral part of the culture.
    After 60 years, our core values of integrity, innovation and achievement continue to be the standards by which we measure our success. By remaining true to these founding values, we have been able to deliver the highest quality products to our customers and position ourselves for continued growth. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Matre’s 60 years of success.