Successful delivery of standalone DIFFS with CAFS Technology

Matre Maskin AS are proud to announce that its first Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System ( DIFFS ) for helideck with CAFS technology are now successfully delivered and commissioned for a major operator in UK sector of the North Sea for a Normally Unattended Installation ( NUI ).

This is a standalone system with CAFS technology, where compressed air is inserted into the Matre inductor foam proportioner to generate a powerful fire attacking and suppression foam solution.

This gives very effective firefighting capabilities and also enables us to reduce the water capacity required with over 30 % compared to a standard DIFF System. ( in compliance with CAP437 )




West White Rose

White Rose.jpg

Husky Energy is developing the West White Rose project with a concrete gravity structure. The West White Rose Platform will serve as a fixed drilling rig and is located approximately 350 kilometres southeast of Newfoundland & Labrador, in the West White Rose field.

Matre has delivered Turbine In-line foam proportioners.




Johan Castberg.jpg

Delivery of Mare Balanced Proportioners til Johan Castberg. Johan Castberg field is situated approx. 100 kilometeres north of the Snøhvit-field in the Barents Sea. The production will start 2022.