Using development, realistic full-scale testing in combination with more than sixty years of experience within the market, we ensure safety have the highest priority within Matre.

Our safety promise towards our users and there’s surroundings is why we always invests in our employees, new modern test facility built on modern technology giving us the possibility to optimize our range of product and services towards existing and new clients. 

Our commitment will be to ensure that the quality of our equipment as well service towards our client are in line with their expectations.

We want to shear our unique testing and approval with others, we will welcome you to contact us if you are in a need or would like to find out more whether we are able to offer you facilities that you could use either for your new development work, calibration or simply performance testing your own product

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Technical Features

  • 1100m2 new modern test facility
  • Crane capacity- up to 10t
  • Fully automatically flow and pressure adjustment
  • Water capacity 40 000lpm in loop
  • Pressure up to 13bar
  • Option- specific software program can be made according to specific request.


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