Matre DY-10 Water Curtain Nozzle


Matre DY-10 Water Curtain Nozzles is designed to ensure a uniform a reliable water curtain to protect against heat and smoke at the same time creating a safe area for personal, or as a heat shield when firefighters fighting the fire.

Our long tradition working with nozzle as well drive towards optimizing the performance at the same time focus on easy installation and maintenance our design of DY-10 have resulted into an adjustable k-factor version.

The nozzle has adjustable gap between two half’s for k-factor adjustment. It creates a water curtain in a fan pattern of 180°. The nozzle can be installed in any orientation.  


  • Standard Material SS316
  • Cooling capabilities
  • Adjustable K-factor
  • Water pressure range 4-8bar
  • Interface for water supply 1 ½” BSPP Male
  • Maintenance friendly design.