Matre DY-20 Flexi Nozzle


Matre DY-20 Flexi Nozzle are known as a high capacity deluge nozzle in the market. DY-20 Flexi nozzle will have the same capacity and flexibility using a mixture of foam concentrate.

The compact nozzle design is available in four varied sizes in order reach a flow range from approx. 200lpm up to 4000lpm. (Sizes  11/4”- 2”- 3”- 4” )

The nozzles flexibility has open for a quite substantial number of different applications where our nozzle today is one of the key parts within a firefighting system. The DY-20 flexi nozzle is adjustable in both direction, spread angle and capacity.

The large models of Matre DY-20 will operate as a fixed monitor with a water capacity of 4000lpm reaching a length of 60m in jet position protecting tank top, well head area.  Car deck ferry and specific area on offshore supply vessels as well large FPSO vessel are applications where our DY-20 flexi nozzle are used today.   

General technical data sheet for more information.


  • Size 1 1/4" to 4"
  • Standard Material SS316
  • Interface DIN, BSP, Flanged
  • Flow range 200-4000lpm
  • Withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Maintenance friendly design.

Test of 2 inch flexinozzle