Matre Balanced Wide Range Proportioner


Matre Wide Range Balanced Foam Proportioners (M-BWP60) are known for their reliability.

Pressurized water within the performance range and foam is what is required for a perfect proportioning. Our range of M-BWP are used in pressurized foam pump system designed for both sprinkler systems, foam monitor applications as well deluge systems.

Our Wide range balanced pressure proportioner will be deliver with a fixed foam insertion rate of 1-6% AFFF that will be pre-set during manufacturing of the proportioner.

Our range of M-BWP will gain an accurate foam insertion, irrespective of variation of pressure and water flow.  The accurate performance of our M-BWP is important to guaranty the correct foam insertion rate to be feed into the system water line.   

All units will be performance tested before delivery, as well as delivered with a unique test report when indicating the foam insertion over the complete wide range.  

See our standard data sheet for more information.


  • High accurate of proportioning over the complete range.
  • Range from 100% flow and down to 10%
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Delivered in a high-grade corrosion resistant bronze material as standard.
  • Water interface to be wafer type
  • Foam interface to be flanged or threaded.
  • Maintenance friendly design


  • Recommended maintenance is inspection and service each 5th year with replace of soft parts.

Technical specifications

  • Standard Material:       CC493K, CC495K,
  • Design pressure:          16 bar              Option 20 bar
  • Test pressure:              24 bar              Option 30 bar
  • Water pressure rang:   5-16 bar           Option 5-19 bar
  • Foam concentrate inlet pressure: min 1,2 bar higher than the water pressure, max differential pressure between water and foam concentrate is 5bar.
  • Insertion rate: 1-6 %