Matre Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) is specially developed to extinguish fire on helidecks.

Matre Maskin AS delivered its first DIFFS in 1991, and have since then been the leading DIFFS manufacturer in the world with close to 500 systems in operation worldwide.

Matre DIFFS consist of Matre foam skid and Matre Pop-Up Nozzles. When activated, the system will extinguish a major spill fire on the helideck within 15 seconds.  However – tests have shown that such fires in most cases are extinguished in less than 10 seconds.

Matre DIFFS with Matre Pop-Up Nozzles enables rescue personnel to do what really matters, safely perform rescue operations for the employees on the helideck in the event of a helicopter crash and burn accident on the helideck, even when the DIFF system is fully activated

Matre DIFFS is used onboard various offshore installations / vessels and superyachts. Several onshore projects have also seen the benefit of implementing Matre DIFFS – e.g hospitals and similar institutions with helidecks.

Matre DIFFS is designed in compliance to all applicable standards and regulations (CAP437, NORMAM27, ICAO, NMD, NORSOK). It can also be customized according to client specifications.

Matre DIFFS consist of foam mixing skid and Matre pop-up nozzles.