Matre DIFFS for Yachts

Yacht DIFFS_wide.jpg

Matre DIFFS for yachts is a compact skid unit designed to insert an exact rate of foam concentrate directly into the firewater.

It is using a pump for foam supply to the balanced proportioner. System requires only hookup to water piping and power line signal from control panel to the actuator valve on water inlet and the foam pump.

Matre Pop-Up nozzles with a polished finished is used on Matre DIFFS for yachts.

See our standard data sheet for more information.

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  • Extinguishes a fire in a matter of seconds
  • Easy to operate, no need for trained personnel
  • Rescue operations on helideck can be performed when system is active
  • Available with 3”, 4” and 6” waterline
  • 1% or 3% foam insertion rate
  • Y-strainer at skid inlet to prevent clogging

The proportioner will insert foam into the water, normally 1% or 3% with tolerances according to NFPA11.


  • Class approval such as DNV, ABS, BV, LR can be provided upon request.


  • Water line delivered in SS316 as standard
  • Options:  Cu-Ni 90/10, Super Duplex, Titanium Gr. 2 upon request