Matre Foam Inductor


Matre Foam Inductor (M-FOI) is built around standard principle that gives a specific characteristic for performance. Each inductor will be customized to meet the client’s requirement regarding flow and pressure.

The M-FOI design have no moving parts that can change the performance as other type of proportioners have, therefore we find the M-FOI to be a very reliable insertion device with specific flow and pressure characteristics.

As the principal of an inductor device sucks foam liquid from the tank by vacuum created of venturi nozzles and powered by the water flow, a minimum 30% drop of pressure over the inductor is necessary. This pressure drop must be taken into consideration during calculation of system parameters and layout both on upstream and downstream side of the inductor.

Our M-FOI can be delivered in various of models and sizes as well in varied materials such as Bronze, SS316, Super duplex and Titanium. Details about models and installation guidelines mention in our data sheet. 


  • Compact design

  • Maintenance friendly design.

  • Withstand high temperatures.

  • 30% pressure loss

  • 1-6% insertion rate (tolerance according to NFPA 11)