Matre Wide Range Proportioner

Matre Wide Range Proportioner is designed for bladder tank system. The unit is specially designed for sprinkler system and has a very wide flow range with precise insertion rate over the entire flow range.

The Proportioner is a wafer type, to be installed between ANSI or DIN flanges in the firewater line. Foam supply is from the bladder tank, inlet foam pressure shall be equal to inlet water pressure.

Any type of foam can be used, but when ordering Matre must get information / data for the foam to be used, viscosity impacts on insertion rate

By activating the system, the concentrate is supplied to the proportioner from the systems bladder tank. The bladder tank proportioner can be delivered with and fixed foam insertion rate of 1-3%, unit will be pre-set during our manufacturing of the proportioner.

All bladder tanks are to be performance tested before delivery, as well as option delivered with test report.  


  • Foam insertion 1% or 3%
  • No moving parts  
  • Water interface, wafer  
  • Foam interface,  threaded.
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Size from 1.1/2”- up to 12”