Matre Bladder Tank Proportioners


Matre Bladder Tank Foam Proportioners are known for their reliability. The proportioner are normally used as the foam insertion unit in a bladder tank system. 

Pressurized water within the performance range and foam is what is required for a perfect proportioning. The range is from 100% flow and down to approx. 25%. The Proportioner is a wafer type mounted between ANSI or DIN flanges in the water line.

By activating the system, the concentrate is supplied to the proportioner from the systems bladder tank. To insert the exact foam percentage, the Inlet foam pressure shall be equal to inlet water pressure on the proportioning unit.

No moving parts that can change the performance, is resulting in a very reliable insertion device. The proportioner is used in a various  types of applications such as foam monitors, sprinkler systems and deluge systems.

The bladder tank proportioner can be delivered with and fixed foam insertion rate of 1-3%, unit will be pre-set during our manufacturing of the proportioner.

General technical data sheet for more information.


  • Compact design
  • Foam insertion 1% or 3%
  • No moving parts  
  • Water interface, wafer  
  • Foam interface, threaded.
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Size from 1.1/2”- up to 12”