Matre Turbine In-Line Foam Propotiners


Matre Turbine In-line Foam Proportioners (M-TU) are known for their reliability in the market for more than 25 years. The compact and robust design ensures an accuracy foam insertion rate throughout the complete flow range.

Minimal requirement of maintenance as well as a design that is not sensitive to particles in the fire water, our M-TU becomes a unique proportioner for demanding offshore and on-shore applications

As soon as water is running through the water driven turbine, the integrated foam pump will ensure an exact foam insertion ratio of 1 or 3% foam mixture. The elbow shaped design optimizes the performance and installation of the foam proportioner.

The firefighting system can be tested without use of foam concentrate, this can easily be arranged by running the foam in a loop back to the foam tank using the bypass line. This represents a substantial economic and environmental saving and at the same time increasing safety. It also helps to simplify the firefighting system as auxiliary valves can be omitted.


  • Not sensitive for particals in the water

  • High accurate of proportioning over the complete range.

  • Compact and flexible elbow design

  • Delivered in a high-grade corrosion resistant bronze material as standard.

  • Water interface, flanged.

  • Foam interface, flanged or threaded.

  • Integrated check valve

  • Maintenance friendly